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Sundays 8:00am 3:00 pm
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About Us

Welcome to Nectar, uniquely safe space located in the magical San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala, where we hold space and create an experience that nourishes your Self. We believe that what we put into our bodies, as well as what we surround ourselves with, have a strong effect on our physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

At Nectar Café, we are passionate about coffee, and we invite you to taste and experience our premium selection.

Our carefully curated selection of self-care and well-being products in our shop strives to provide products that are not only good for you, but also ethically and sustainably sourced.

By supporting small, conscious businesses and artisans, we hope to create a positive impact both locally and globally.

From handmade crystal jewelry to natural skincare products, each item has been chosen with the intention of promoting self-love, self-healing, and overall well-being.

We prioritize global relations by connecting with organic and regenerative farmers and supporting them by delivering their goodness to the community.

We believe in being present with all processes and our relationships to the earth, while also creating culture and inspiring others to do the same.

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Welcome home! 

We are located in San Marcos La Laguna


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We love our bi-monthly clothing swap! Come and find new treasures! 

Leave the old, make room for the new 🦋💗

Welcome home... the energy from Lago Atitlan warms you while experiencing the beauty of life in all expressions and forms. Come to Nectar and enjoy organic meals from 8am to 5pm! 


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Enjoy the little details...🦋🌿


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Our Community Store

Our community store is more than just a shop. It is a place where you can find the best quality products, made by unique and talented people who care about their craft. Whether you are looking for organic food, natural beauty products, local art, or handmade gifts, you will find something that suits your taste and budget at our community store.

Our goal is to support our community by providing a fair and ethical marketplace for producers and consumers. We also aim to foster a sense of belonging and pride among our customers and staff. Come and visit us today and discover the best of the best at our community store.